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Riding for people in poverty

Every minute 17 children somewhere in our world die due to poverty related causes. This is shocking and 25000spins mission is to make a real change. Thank you for being part of the solution and for working with us and our charity partners to make a difference.

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Our four day cycling tour begins in Albury Victoria and ends back in Melbourne 4 days later with a celebration dinner together. Perfect way to discover the diverse and ever-changing landscape of North East Victoria from natural bushland to verdant farmland, delightfully unexpected hidden valleys and some of Australia's most spectacular mountain ranges.

Our tour caters to the less experienced to the experienced rider. We have a social, medium and fast group, each having a support van. Each group will also have different distances to cater to their unique needs.

The route looks like this:


event Thu 19th of Mar 2020

Social, Medium & Fast – 120km Day 1 is a great warm up with only a few moderate hills to contend with.

Route Map

event Fri 20th of Mar 2020

Social & Medium – 100km: Day 2 is a little shorter but with a fantastic downhill and some fun climbs.

Route Map

event Sat 21st of Mar 2020

Social & Medium –: Day 3 is a day to relax and unwind. Its a free day off for everyone. Bright is full of so much to see, do and explore.

event Sun 22nd of Mar 2020

Social & Medium – 60km 976m: Day 4 is a fun short and sweet ride with a final kicker at the end. For those booked onto the train, we will then be catching the train to Melbourne in time for the celebration dinner. For those not booked in, please make your own return arrangements.

Dorm style share accommodation during the ride
Breakfast, snack and Lunch (see detailed trip notes) excluding breakfast on the start day
Snacks and water are available at any time from your road support driver
Full ride support including a sag wagon should you need to step off the bike
Photos & video
First Aid assistance
Mechanical assistance
Luggage transport between stops

What’s not included?

  • Transport to and from the start point
  • Dinner
  • Celebration Dinner
  • Ride kit unless ordered

Top Individuals

  • Gerard Martin 7213 AU m2m $0.00

Top Individuals

  • Gerard Martin m2m nz 8128 $0.00

Top Individuals

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  • Sandra Tihi Sandra Tihi $0.00
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Top Teams

  • Krystel Cochico VISAGlobalLogistics $1,680.00
  • Gerard Martin GF Race to 25k AUS $0.00
  • What’s the fundraising target?

    Each rider must raise at least $1,250, making the fundraising target for each person $2,500. If you do not reach this amount, we ask that riders pay the difference to reach the minimum required. With our group of 80 riders, the group target is $120,000 with a stretch target of $160,000.

    We encourage you to take advantage of the resources below:
    Fundraising plan
    Fundraising tips
    Fundraising profiles - get ideas from other riders who have shared how they successfully fundraised on previous rides.
    To provide some extra motivation - all riders who raise above $1,750 will also receive a free special trip T-shirt. See below the t-shirt available in blue, white and grey.

    We also encourage you to post any pics of your fundraising ventures in the private trip facebook group to encourage other riders to share ideas.

  • Who should go on this ride?

    The ride caters to all riders from your lets give this a go and experience something amazing (avg speed 18-22km) to your mad keen rider doing 100s of kms per week (avg speed >32km). Each speed group has their own support vehicle so everyone is well catered for. Faster riders will be given additional distance each day to increase the challenge. Each riding group is supported by their own support vehicle.

  • How many can go on the ride?

    The ride is limited to 80 riders in 2020. The 25000spins Murray 2 Mountains is an exclusive ride to support ADRA NZ, Tear FundWorld, Bikes4Life, Compassion and Watoto. This ride is like no other multi day ride. To learn more about the ride goto.

    Early Bird: $225 pp
    Bizzy Bee: $275 pp
    Late Mates: $350 pp

  • I am a slow or medium rider. Do you cater to me?

    We certainly do. Each speed group has a support vehicle. The medium and Slower riders will be doing 300km over three days.

  • I am a fast rider. Do you cater to me?

    Absolutely. We pride ourselves in providing a challenging course for all rider levels. For faster riders we have a longer more challenging route for you.

  • Preparing for the ride

    Get your bike, body and gear into shape. To get maximum enjoyment from the ride, we recommend all riders make preparations well in advance to ensure their bodies and bikes are ready to roll.

    Cycling fitness:
    It’s important that you prepare your body for the ride. It is also important to realise that riding a tour is quite different from doing a big one day ride. To ensure your body is ready for the ride, we recommend you spend some time riding long climbs or doing hill repeats to get used to riding in a climbing position. We also recommend you try to include some hard consecutive days into your training to prepare your body to back up after a hard day.

    Positioning and bike fit:
    Positioning is also critical when attempting a tour. Small niggles that you get from time to time on the bike can be exacerbated by pushing yourself day after day. A bike fit can be a good investment in your safety and ride enjoyment.

    Cycling skills:
    If most of your riding is done solo or with a few friends, it is important that you get some practice riding in a bunch. Bunch riding is a way of cyclists sharing the workload and helping each other. The tighter the bunch the less effort is expended. However, an inexperienced bunch rider will find this a little awkward so it's best to get used to this by riding with others in the months leading up to the ride.

    Bike maintenance:
    Only a well maintained road bike is suitable for this type of ride. We recommend ensuring you have a suitable gear ratio to give you the best chance of conquering the hardest climbs. It is important that you have your bike serviced in the weeks leading up to the ride and that you have relatively new tyres to avoid punctures.

  • What happens if it rains?

    The 25000spins ride is an outdoor, all weather event which means we will still ride even if it's raining. Only extreme weather may cause cancellation of the day’s riding.

  • What happens if I get sick or injured?

    Safety is always our first priority. We have a number of First Aid certified people on the ride, so in case of emergency you will be in capable hands. If you are unable to ride due to an illness or injury, you can be a passenger in one of the support vehicles until you feel ready to rejoin the ride. If this isn't possible, then alternative arrangements will be made to transport you to a local hospital or medical centre.

  • What happens if my bike breaks?

    Unfortunately mechanical issues are part of bike riding and there is a reasonable chance that there will be some mechanical issues during the trip. You are responsible for ensuring your bike is in excellent condition prior to the ride. You also need to bring your own spare tubes and possibly a puncture repair kit.

    We do have a bike mechanic on tour to support. He will be happy to help you try to get back on the road. For some issues we will carry spare parts such as cables, chains, brake pads and cassettes that you can buy if you need them. For more significant issues, you will most likely need to hop in the sag wagon until we can get to a bike shop.